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It is becoming more common to pre-plan funerals today, either for yourself or a family member. The following questions are answered:

Who should pre-plan?
What are the advantages of pre-planning the Weir Funeral Home?
What are the costs involved?
What are the different kinds of pre-plans?

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Who should pre-plan?
  • Those about to retire or who already have done so. By planning now, you make sure you'll get the kind of funeral you'd want and at a cost of your own choosing.
  • Those living alone will enjoy a peace of mind knowing their funeral plans are complete, since they may have no one else to do it for them.
  • Those in their midyears with parents to be concerned with. And even for themselves, pre-planning is important in these days of uncertainty.
  • Those planning on governmental supplementary security income will benefit by knowing there's an exemption for a funeral pre-plan.
  • Those who simply wish to help their family by taking the burden of decision from them.

What are the different kinds of pre-plans?

  • Pre-financed Trust Plan: You may pay for your funeral in advance by setting up a trust fund in a bank or Savings and Loan for this purpose. Your funds are placed in trust in a federally insured financial institution and safeguarded by Massachusetts State laws. At death the funds are available at once and do not become part of your estate. The greatest advantage of this plan is that you are protected from inflation. The charges for the funeral home services and merchandise you select are frozen at today's prices. You therefore have eased another burden on your family at a time when financial security may be critical.
  • Basic No-Payment Plan: You record by letter or by filling out non-binding forms with us your specific requests regarding the type of service you want...where services will be held, the minister, the scripture readings, music, pallbearers, flowers, casket or urn, etc.

What are the advantages of pre-planning with Weir Funeral Home?

  • Pre-paying freezes the charges at today's costs for the services and merchandise provided by the funeral home. Charges are guaranteed to never go up.
  • You can leave your wishes known in writing alleviating your family of trying to guess the type of service you would like.
  • Pre-paying funeral expenses removes the financial burden from your family. Your money is placed in a state-protected trust fund.
  • Many decisions can be made after having time to discuss options with your family, rather than having to make on-the-spot decisions at the time of death.
  • By planning now, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your funeral plans are complete.
  • Prepaying for your funeral will also help to protect your assets for Medicaid purposes.

What are the costs involved? The cost of a funeral varies with the type of services desired. Funeral expenses are typically broken down in the following categories (prices shown are those of Weir Funeral Home, effective January 1, 2005 and are subject to change without notice):

  • Professional service charge for staff, facilities and motor vehicles. These charges vary depending on the type of service you select. Please Contact Us for current price information for traditional funeral services and cremation.
  • Merchandise charges - Caskets range from $780.00 to $5900.00, outer burial containers for caskets, required by most cemeteries,  range from $690.00 to $6000.00 Other merchandise such as burial garments, urns, and prayer cards are also available.
  • Cash advance items. These are services or merchandise provided by sources outside of the funeral home, but arranged for you by our staff. Following are examples of cash advance items and some of their costs: certified copies of the death certificate ($10-$20 each), honorariums for minister ($150) and musicians ($50 - $200), death notice charges ($50 - $300), flowers, cemetery charges such as the grave space ($1000 - $2000), opening and closing of the grave ($500 - $1500),. Essentially these cash dispersments eliminate the need for the family to write numerous checks at the time of need.
  • Cemetery Charges. In Massachusetts, Funeral homes are not allowed to own or operate cemeteries. The charges for each cemetery vary, However, you may contact us or your local cemetery to find out what the exact charge is for the specified cemetery.

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