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Joseph "Tidjo" Pierre-Louis



Joseph Pierre-Louis nicknamed “Tidjo” and occasionally referred to as “Lami Djo” by friends was born on March 19, 1948 in Haiti. After finishing primary school at Ecole Nationale D’Arniquet, his family wanting him to pursue the priesthood, enrolled him at Petit-Seminaire College de Mazenod a Camp-Perin to begin his studies. Tidjo, having no desire to become a priest defied his family’s wishes and chose to pursue a career as an educator instead. He enrolled at a Ecole Normale D’Instituteurs de Marfranc, in Jeremie and graduated with a degree in education. He took his first teaching job at in the public school district of Fond-Des-Negres. It’s while there he reconnected with his childhood friend and former flame from his old neighborhood whom he would again pursue this time into becoming his wife.

Tidjo landed his dream job at the time at Petit-Seminaire College Saint-Martial in Port-aux-Prince, one of the prestigious schools in the country. He was famous for his guitar serenades and for writing love letters. He once risked his life crossing a local river to deliver a love letter to his childhood sweetheart sealing the deal once and for all. His family however was opposed to the match so they married in secret in September 1979. They remained married for the next 41 years. Together they had 4 children.

After becoming a father, Tidjo and his wife chose to move away from the city to the coastal commune of Petit-Goave, there he remained for the next decade until him and his family migrated to the US in 1994. In the US he thought briefly at the Graham & Parks School in Cambridge. He fell ill and was no longer able to continue teaching full time.

He very reluctantly gave up teaching and took a less demanding job at Spaulding Rehab Hospital in the Maintenance department, where he continued to work until he retired.

His wife used to joke that his favorite colors were beige and brown but his personality was anything but. Tidjo had a love for life. Whenever possible he was always surrounded by friends, music and good food. Anyone who knew Tidjo knew that he loved a good argument.

Although he was raised Catholic, here in the US at the urging of his wife, he joined the Haitian-American Jehovah’s Witness community and remained a devoted member until the of his life.

He is survived by his wife Pierrette, daughters, Josette and Martine and sons Jean-Eider and Joseph Jr. and six grandchildren. He leaves behind loving brothers Sylvain and his wife Jeanette, Gustave and his wife Marie Ange, and Augustin and sisters Marise and Mayotte along with many cousins and many, many nieces and nephews.

Due to the current Corvid-19 restrictions, all Funeral Services will be private with Interment in Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden.



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