Weir Mac Cuish Family Funeral Home

A member of the Malden Community since 1896


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Spencer, Mary E.
Shea, Joseph J.
DeNapoli, Stephen
Knobloch, Richard L.
O'Leary, Charlene A.
De Martino, Dorothy E.
Camarata, Phyllis A.
Rachels, Carolyn J.
Follis, Gloria I.
Capomaccio, Cosmo N.
Li, Kwai
Macaulay, David A.
Camarata, Joseph S.
Burridge, George E.
Casey, Mabel F. "Mae"
Sandberg, Beverly M.
Withers, Curtis D. Sr.
Melanson, Kimberly A.
Geddry, Steven M. Jr.
Whiting, Milton K.
Cravines, Rose M.
McGonagle, Sophia C. M.
Meklis, Cheryl A.
Steele, Philip M. "Buddy"
Clermont, Yvanne

Lombardi, Norman L.


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