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Prayer Cards



Caskets:  We offer the finest American made Caskets from the Aurora Casket Company, based in Aurora, Indiana.  The Aurora Casket Company focus's solely on the production of Casket and other funeral related items.  In an age where more and more automated production exists, at Aurora, much of the work is still done by hand.  This attention to detain is evident in their high quality caskets.




Urns:  We work with various suppliers to find you the highest quality urn at the best price available.  Today's urns come in such an incredible variety that one is almost only limited by ones imagination.  Aside from the classic "urn shape" that many are familiar with, urns today may look like a piece of sculpture, or a mantle clock.  Also, there are many "green' or environmentally friendly options available, like the Bio-Salt urn, made of pure salt, designed to melt away safely in water, or bio-degradable urns, which, as described, are designed to break down quickly either in traditional earth burial or when placed in water.  Call today to discuss your many options with one of our funeral directors.



Prayer Cards:  For many, a simple keepsake that helps remember a loved on, while often reflecting a thought, image, or prayer of the loved one.  Today we are able to offer to the consumer a variety of prayer cards at a lower cost than many print shops offer.  Click here to view available Cards.  We can also typeset any prayer or poem that is provided by a family member, and edit photographs for families as desired.  CLICK HERE FOR SOME COMMON PRAYERS



Keepsakes:  For years now, we have offered keepsakes by the Madelyn Keepsake Company, the pioneer in the keepsake jewelry business.  What is a keepsake?  Essentially a small urn, specifically a small piece of jewelry designed to hold a symbolic portion of cremated remains, or a lock of hair, or something else symbolic.  These are available in many shapes, from crosses and hearts, to dolphins.